Joltzly Advertising revolutionizes digital signage with a focus on enhancing the amenity experience and connecting businesses with a wider audience.

Point of sale (POS)

High foot traffic venues

Drive Brand Awareness

"POS" Impression Mastery

Regular digital signage may suffer from banner blindness and fail to effectively communicate the value of a product or service, leading to decreased engagement and sales as customers become accustomed to seeing ads.

In contrast, Joltzly Point of Sale (POS) digital signage is strategically placed in high-traffic areas to grab customers' attention and encourage impulse purchases.

Maximize Digital Signage ROI

Joltzly optimizes digital signage strategy for advertisers with point-of-sale impressions to boost sales with our cost-effective marketing platform.

Digital Signage Made Easy

Joltzly optimizes digital signage strategy with point-of-sale impressions in strategic locations. Boost recall and conversions with this highly memorable form of advertising.

Revolutionize Your Ad Strategy

Joltzly optimizes digital signage strategy with point-of-sale impressions, reaching target audiences and driving conversions. Stay connected and engaged with our charging capabilities while viewing ads.

Who is Joltzly for?

Looking to upgrade your digital signage game? Meet Joltzly!
Our platform enables businesses and organizations to easily push professional-grade displays that effectively engage and inform customers, employees, students, and visitors.

Joltzly has you covered with our high-traffic display locations in venues across a variety of industries. Whether you're in retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, or any other industry, we ensure that your message gets seen by the right people at the right time. Contact Joltzly today and elevate your digital signage to the next level.

Beyond current models

Traditional Impression

Joltzly Impression

Point of Impact

Time to Sale

Point of Sale

Level of Impact

Point of Impact

Time to Sale

Point of Sale

Level of Impact

Your content + our platform

Joltzly's digital signage platform offers a unique and engaging charging experience that drives sales growth for retailers. With eye-catching graphics and interactive content, we get your message to the right people at the right time.

Restaurants, Cafés and Bars







Key Benefits

Maximize Your Advertising Reach

Advertise promotions & increase brand recognition with content displayed at the right time, in the right place. Transportation signage can increase brand awareness significantly.

Take advantage of increased advertising revenues by hosting third-party campaigns.

High-Definition Displays

Experience stunning image quality with our high-definition displays, perfect for captivating your audience and making your content stand out.

Easy Installation and Hassle-Free Management

Our platform is designed with simple installation. Enjoy hassle-free operation, so you can focus on increasing your brand awareness.

POS Impression

Grab guests’ attention – 59% of people who see digital signage want to learn more about the topic shown.

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